Tracks4Africa GPS Maps v23.05 on SD Card for Garmin GPS Systems ONLY


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Tracks4africa produces quality GPS maps for self-drive tourists in Africa. T4A GPS maps provide detailed coverage to tourists across Southern and Eastern Africa.

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This map is compatible with Garmin map capable GPS units only.

  • Micro SD card with Standard Adapter.
  • T4A GPS Maps are already loaded onto the SD card, simply insert the card into your compatible Garmin GPS and start to navigate.
  • T4A Africa Guide is preloaded and ready to use on compatible devices. This product contains contact details, rates, activities, facilities and photos for selected points on our maps.
  • If your GPS does not use an SD Card: Install files for PC and Mac users are also included on the SD card, which will allow you to install the maps on your computer, and then transfer them to your GPS unit.

Non refundable once seal is broken

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