Speed Queen Dryer 10.5 kg – ADEE8RGS


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Introducing the Speed Queen ADEE8RGS, a household tumble dryer packing commercial-grade components and features. Consider this high-end dryer for long-lasting reliability and exceptional results. ADEE8RGS

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Speed Queen Tumble Dryer – Superior Reliability and Convenience

As a Speed Queen dryer, the ADEE8RGS has been Built Better to Last Longer™. The manufacturer has tested the electronic controls to 10,400 cycles, which amounts to a functional lifespan of 25 years in a household environment. The galvanised cylinder is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and mechanical damage.

A heavy-duty fan and sophisticated axial airflow design provide the optimal drying temperature and airflow pattern, maximising precision and efficiency. With a drum capacity of 10.5 kg, this appliance meets the drying requirements of large households (five or more people).

Customisation and Control

The intuitive control panel allows for complete cycle selection and customisation.

Auto-sensing Cycles

The three auto-sensing cycles calculate the right drying time and temperature according to load size, moisture level, and fabric type. Using these cycles eliminates guesswork and excessive energy consumption. The moisture level lights indicate if a load is wet or dry during an auto-sensing cycle.

Manual Cycles

Use a manual cycle if you want more control over the drying process. Each manual option has default time, temperature, and dryness settings. You can adjust any of these settings to modify a manual programme.

User-friendliness and Convenience

With the ADEE8RGS, drying your laundry is hassle-free and straightforward, thanks to user-friendly features and components.

The extra-large, reversible door provides unobstructed access to the drum for easily inserting large laundry loads. Once you have added a load, use the control panel and auto-sensing features to start a new drying cycle within seconds. A signal with an adjustable volume indicates when a cycle has ended.

Hassle-free Maintenance

This dryer is easy to maintain and clean, thanks to the removable lint filter and 100% front serviceability.

Product Specifications:

  • • Type: Air Vented Tumble Dryer
  • • Colour: White
  • • Loading Type: Front
  • • Dry Linen Capacity: 10.5 kg
  • • Appliance Dimensions: 1095 mm (H) x 685 mm (W) x 711 mm (D)
  • • Drum/Cylinder Material: Galvanised Steel
  • • Matching Washer: AWNE8
  • • Auto-Sensing Cycles: 3 (Regular | Perm Press | Delicates)
  • • Manual Cycles: 3 (Time Dry | Quick Dry | Fluff Up)
  • • Time Cycle: 1 – 80 min
  • • Temperature Selection: 3 (No Heat | Low | High)
  • • Dryness Level Selection: 3 (Damp | Near Dry | Dry)
  • • Moisture Level Selection: 3 (Sensing | Wet | Dry)
  • • Energy Efficiency Rating: C

Speed Queen Dryer – Additional Features:

  • Moisture Sensing Technology
  • Adjustable End-of-Cycle Buzzer
  • Extra-large Door (Reversible)
  • 100% Front Serviceability
  • Removable Up-front Lint Filter
  • Fabric Selector
  • Levelling Legs (Adjustable from Dryer’s Inside)
  • Porcelain Enamel-coated Top and Lid
  • Commercial-grade Electronic Controls
  • Four-way Venting Options for Easy Installation

Shipping Information

Weight 67 kg
Dimensions 112 cm (length) x 72 cm (width) x 75 cm (height)


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