Samsung Top Loader Washing Machine 13kg – WA13CG5745BV


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The Samsung WA13CG5745BV top load washer features a 13-kg drum capacity and special functions to provide a powerful, efficient wash. WA13CG5745BV

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Samsung 13 kg Top Load Washing Machine – Superior Reliability, Convenience, and Efficiency

The Samsung top loader washing machine 13kg offers sufficient tub capacity for larger households of 4+ people. This model features the latest laundry technologies, maximising convenience and energy savings. 

Cutting-edge Washer Features and Benefits

The Ecobubble™ and BubbleStorm™ kit cleverly mix water, air, and detergent to create bubbles that seep quickly into clothes, allowing colder washing and effective stain removal. Additionally, the Dual Storm™ pulsator uses two powerful water jets, contributing to superior cleaning results.

Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technology (DIT)

Instead of a traditional brushed motor, this washer has a DIT brushless motor that uses strong magnets to rotate. The result is minimal heat production, quiet operation, and a longer functional lifespan. This motor’s low friction increases efficiency and long-term energy savings.

Wide Selection of Washer Cycles

Using the Washing Cycles button, you can choose from 10 laundry programmes:


  • • NORMAL: Washes normally soiled loads containing most fabric types, including linens and cottons.
  • • QUICKWASH: Washes lightly soiled and full loads using a shorter cycle, saving time, energy, and water.  
  • • SUPER CLEAN: Enhances the washers cleaning performance for heavily soiled loads.
  • • DELICATES: Uses low spin speeds and cold water during the cycle, preventing damage to delicate fabrics.
  • • BABY CARE: Includes a high-temperature wash and rinsing sequence to remove bacteria and any remaining detergent.  
  • • BEDDING: Washes bulky items, such as blankets, comforters, and sheets.
  • • JEANS: Uses a gentle cycle to preserve denims’ colour and fit.
  • • AQUA PRESERVE: Maximises water savings by reusing rinsed water from the previous cycle.
  • • RINSE+SPIN: Removes leftover detergent and extracts excess moisture from a load after running a cycle.
  • • ECO TUB CLEAN: Removes unpleasant odours and impurities from the tub and prevents microbial build-up inside the tub.


Additional functions to customise your laundry cycles:


With the Super Speed option, you can complete a NORMAL, JEANS, or BABY CARE cycle within 31 minutes. The Deep Softener option enhances the softener’s effect, providing a longer-lasting fragrance. You can also use the Delay End function to choose when a cycle ends.

Product Specifications:

  • • Type: Top-loader Washing Machine
  • • Colour: Black Caviar
  • • Washing Capacity: 13 kg
  • • Appliance Dimensions: 1089 mm (H) x 610 mm (W) x 675 mm (D)
  • • Appliance Weight: 41 kg
  • • Drum Type: 2nd Diamond
  • • Pulsator: PP Dual Storm
  • • Additional Functions: 7 (Ecobubble™ | Intensive Wash | SuperSpeed™ | Power Tub Clean | Deep Softener | Delay End | Water Temp.)
  • • Temperature Selection: Hot (Brightly Coloured, Lightly Soiled Items) | Cold (Colourfast Items)
  • • Spin Speed Selection:  5 (Extra Low – Extra High)
  • • Spin Speed (Samsung Specification): 700 RPM
  • • Water Level Selection: 1 – 10
  • • Delay End Timer: Up to 24 Hours
  • • Motor: Digital Inverter Technology

Samsung Top Loader Washing Machine 13kg – Additional Features:

  • • 2nd Diamond Drum
  • • Magic Filter
  • • Child lock
  • • Soft-closing Door
  • • Smart Check Error-monitoring System
  • • Rear Control

Shipping Information

Weight 46 kg
Dimensions 76 cm (length) x 67 cm (width) x 118 cm (height)