Ryobi XAC-005 Cordless Air Compressor


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Portable, high-performance cordless compressor with 5L tank delivers air up to 8bar

Excludes Battery and Charger

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Voltage: 18V, Li-ion
Pump Type: Oil-free
Air Flow: 60L/min (2.76bar)
36L/min (6.2bar)
Pump Speed: 2600min-1
Max. Pressure: 8bar
Cut-in/off Pressure: 6bar / 8bar
Tank Capacity: 5L
Filling Time: 50sec
Compatible Battery: XB-3000, or above
Compatible Charger: XPP-2700, or above

Excludes Battery and Charger

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Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 41 cm (length) x 41 cm (width) x 41 cm (height)