Magneto Rechargeable LED Lantern – DBK281


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This handheld LED lantern provides bright and efficient illumination with a rating of 1000 lumens. It features a long-lasting battery with up to 60 hours of light on a single charge, making it suitable for various uses such as studying, camping, and load shedding. DBK281

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1000 Lumen LED Lantern – 60 Hours Battery Life, Dual Lighting Modes

If you need a portable, handheld lantern that provides bright, efficient illumination, look no further than the Magneto Rechargeable LED lantern. A practical solution for home and car repairs, outdoor activities, and backup lighting during load-shedding, this lantern offers the following features:


  • Powerful Illumination: The 1000-lumen LED is bright enough to illuminate a medium-sized room fully.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: Get up to 60 hours of light on a single charge (approx. 24 load-shedding sessions).
  • Dual Modes: Switch between Power-Saver and Ultra-Bright modes to suit your needs.
  • Automatic Activation: The lantern switches on automatically when plugged in during power outages.
  • Mobile Charging: Use the USB port to charge your devices on the go.
  • Solar Compatibility: Eco-friendly charging with solar panel compatibility.
  • Built-in Safety: Overcharge and discharge protection for peace of mind.


Equip yourself with the reliable Magneto Rechargeable LED Lantern for versatile and bright illumination whenever needed.

Magneto Rechargeable LED Lantern – Specifications:

  • Model: DBK281
  • Dimensions: 10.00 cm x 20.20 cm x 9.00 cm
  • Weight: 0.98 kg
  • Battery Life: Up to 60 hours
  • Brightness: 1000 lumen LED
  • Mode Settings: Power-Saver | Ultra-Bright

Additional Features:

  • USB Port for Mobile Charging
  • Solar Panel Compatibility
  • Built-in Discharge/Overcharge Circuits

Shipping Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 cm (length) x 20 cm (width) x 9 cm (height)