Godox Virso M2 2-Channel Wireless Microphone System 2.4Ghz


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The Godox Virso M2 2-Channel Wireless Microphone System 2.4GHz provides reliable, high-quality wireless audio transmission for two channels, ideal for capturing clear sound in various professional recording settings.

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Capture Crisp Audio Wirelessly: Godox Virso M2 Wireless Microphone

Perfect for Content Creators and Videographers


Struggling to capture clear audio while filming on location? The Virso M2 microphone System is your solution. This easy-to-use system eliminates the hassle of messy wires, letting you focus on creating high-quality content.


Two Transmitters, Crystal-Clear Audio

The Virso M2 features two transmitters, each with a built-in omnidirectional microphone . This allows you to capture audio from two separate sources simultaneously, ideal for interviews, presentations, or recording vlogs with a guest. The omnidirectional microphones pick up sound equally from all directions, ensuring your voice is recorded clearly, even if you’re not directly facing the transmitter.


Type: Wireless Microphone System
Model: Godox Virso M2
Colour: Black
Operating Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Range: Up to 50 meters (line-of-sight)
Power Supply: Built-in rechargeable batteries

Additional Features:
3.5mm TRS jack for compatibility with cameras, smartphones, and recording devices
-6 dB safety track to prevent audio clipping
MicroSD card slots on transmitters for backup recording (not included)


Compact and Easy to Use

The Virso M2 is incredibly lightweight and compact, making it perfect for on-the-go content creation. The clip-on transmitters attach easily to your clothing or the included Lavalier microphones, and the receiver connects to your camera or recording device using the included 3.5mm TRS cable.

Shipping Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 22 cm (length) x 11 cm (width) x 9 cm (height)