Gardena Saw Bow Comfort 760mm 8748-20


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With an extra high bow, the GARDENA Comfort Bow Saw 760 is ideally suited for sawing thicker branches and logs. With a 760-mm-long impulse-hardened and rust-proofed saw blade with precision toothing, the saw is optimally suited for fresh and dry wood. For problem-free and safe work in narrow areas, the bow is pointed. A comfort handle with hand protection and the second grip option at the front of the bow guarantee a safe hold and easy guidance. The sturdy steel bow is rust-proofed and has a twist-proof shape. For effective work, the blade tension can be easily adjusted through a screw mechanism. The blade can be easily and quickly replaced without tools. The complete blade protection allows safe transport and storage of the Bow Saw. The warranty period is 25 years.

Light and easy-to-adjust blade tension: Through the screw mechanism, the blade tension can be easily and conveniently adjusted.

Blade change without tools: The blade can be quickly changed as no additional tools are required.

Safe hold and easy guidance: Thanks to the comfort handle and the second grip option at the front of the bow, the saw can be easily and comfortably guided.

Ideal for branches and thick logs: As the Bow Saw has an extra-high bow, it is ideal for saw work with logs and thick branches. 

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