Gardena Classic Wall-Fixed Hose Reel 60


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With the GARDENA Wall-Fixed Hose Reel 60 with Guiding Reel, storage of your garden hose is very easy. A sturdy, longlife metal holder secures the Hose Reel on the wall. Through the integrated carrying handle, you can comfortably transport the Hose Reel. For easier watering. 2650-20

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  • No water spill: After the water has been switched off, you can attach the hose to the integrated anti-drip device
  • Easy winding and unwinding: With the hose guide, the hose can be conveniently wound and unwound.
  • Complete with GARDENA Tap Connectors: The GARDENA Wall-Fixed Hose Reel is already equipped with Tap Connectors.
  • Back-sparing winding of the hose: Through the wall mounting of the Hose Reel, the hose can be wound from an upright position, thereby sparing your back.
  • No kinking of the hose: As the hose connector is angled on the Hose Trolley, the hose cannot kink and water always flows freely.


  • Warranty: 5 years
  • capacity: 60 m 13 mm (1/2″), 50 m 15 mm (5/8″), 35 m 19 mm (3/4″)

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