Defy Built-in Gas Hob Slimline – DHG604


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The Defy 60-cm Slimline combines a sleek design with all the features and functionality you expect to see in a cutting-edge appliance. Add this cooktop to your cart if you require a stylish design, meal prep versatility, and hassle-free cleaning. DHG604

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Defy Slimline Built-in Gas Hob 60-cm – Stylish, Efficient, and Safe Cooking

The DHG604 Defy built-in gas hob features four burners with cast-iron pan supports and front control. The black ceramic glass cooktop is easy to clean and gives the appliance a sleek, modern appearance.

Four Functional Cook Zones

The four burners (cooking zones) use an electric ignition and have varying diameters and power ratings, allowing maximum efficiency and flexibility:


  • • 2 x Normal: The two rear burners have an outer diameter of 20 cm and an output of 2,000 watts each.
  • • 1 x Wok: The front left cooking zone has a 30-cm diameter and outputs 3,300 watts of power.
  • • 1 x Auxiliary: The front right burner is the smallest, with a diameter of 18 cm and a power rating of 1,000 watts.


The wok burner rapidly cooks large quantities of food using twin flames and a saucepan or wok. You can use the small auxiliary burner for simmering or poaching dishes on low heat.

Safe and User-friendly

Igniting a burner is as easy as pressing its knob in, then turning it clockwise to the appropriate level. Heat is immediately available upon ignition, saving you valuable time and energy costs. Turn the knob anticlockwise to the “off” position to extinguish the flame, and the Defy safety device will immediately cut the fuel supply.

Product Specifications:

  • • Type: Built-in Four-burner Hob
  • • Colour: Black
  • • Appliance Dimensions: 99 mm (H) x 580 mm (W) x 510 mm (D)
  • • Worktop Cut-out Size: 560 mm (W) x 480-490 mm (D)
  • • Recommended Installation Height: 900 mm
  • • Cooktop Material: Ceramic Glass
  • • Pan Support Material: Cast Iron
  • • Burners: Auxiliary (1.0 kW) | 2 x Normal (2.0 kW ea.) | Wok (3.3 kW)
  • • Total Energy Consumption: 8.3 kWh
  • • LPG Pressure: G 30/2.8-3.0 kPa
  • • Conversion – Natural Gas Pressure: G 20/2.0 kPa

Defy Built-in Gas Hob – Accessories and Features:

  • Electric Ignition
  • • Front Control
  • Flame-failure Safety Device
  • Variable Burner Control
  • Wok Cooking Zone with Twin Flame
  • Cast Iron Pan Supports

Shipping Information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 64 cm (length) x 55 cm (width) x 15 cm (height)