Competition Electronics Prochrono DLX Ballistic Chronograph


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The next generation of our ProChrono model based on a time proven design that has been measuring “almost anything that shoots”. Great for firearms, shotguns, archery, airguns, and paintball.

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Velocity Range: 20 – 9,999 feet per second

Temperature Range: 20-100 degrees Fahrenheit

Battery Required: One 9-volt alkaline battery

Battery Life: Approx. 20 hours of operation

Current Consumption: Approx. 20mA

Mounting Hole Thread: 1/4×20

Guide Wire Size: 3/16×16 inches

Memory Capacity: Up to 9 strings of up to 99 shots each

Minimum Time Between Shots: 500 mSec

Shot Timing Resolution: 31 nSec (8000 counts @ 4,000fps) Crystal Controlled

Accuracy: +/-.5% of measured velocity or better

Bluetooth: BT2 and BT4LE

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