Totai Outdoor 20L Fan Forced Gas Geyser w/ Electronic Ignition


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The Totai Outdoor 20L Fan Forced Gas Geyser delivers a steady supply of 20 litres of hot water per minute and is approved for Type D outdoor installation. It features a heavy-duty copper radiator, electronic ignition, and a flame failure safety device, ensuring efficiency and safety.

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20L/m Flow Rate, Mixer Tap Compatible

The Totai Outdoor 20L Fan Forced Gas Geyser is a dependable solution for continuous hot water supply. With its powerful copper radiator, this geyser offers unmatched performance and durability. It is designed for Type D outdoor installation and features a user-friendly LED display and electronic ignition for ease of use. This unit is ideal for household use, with the ability to deliver 20 litres of hot water per minute and maintain a consistent temperature across multiple outlets. Safety features include a flame failure device and automatic self-diagnosis codes that simplify maintenance and troubleshooting.

Totai 20L Gas Geyser – Specifications:

  • Brand: Totai
  • Model No.: 13/GWH20LF
  • Geyser Type: Fan-forced (Gas)
  • Hot Water Flow Rate: 20 Litres / Minute
  • Installation: Type D (Outdoor)
  • Gas Type: LPG
  • Operating Pressure: 2.8kPa
  • Gas Consumption: 2.9 kg/h
  • Heat Input: 38 kW
  • Water Pressure: 0.25bar to 8bar
  • Energy Efficiency: 90%
  • Radiator Construction: Heavy-duty Copper
  • Cable Length: 10 m (For Flexible Placement)
  • Compatibility: Inverters | Multiple Outlets | Mixer Taps

Additional Features:

  • LED Display
  • Electronic Ignition
  • User-friendly Temperature Controller
  • Flame Failure Safety Device
  • Automatic Self-diagnosis Codes

Shipping Information

Weight 44 kg
Dimensions 45 cm (length) x 69 cm (width) x 22 cm (height)