Smeg Gas-Electric Stove 90cm – SSA91MAA9


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Freestanding Smeg cooker – the ultimate kitchen appliance for the modern household. This combination gas hob/electric oven offers various cooking functions, optimal heat distribution, and a sleek design. SSA91MAA9

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SSA91MAA9 Smeg 90cm Gas-electric Stove: The Modern Kitchen Essential

The SSA91MAA9 Smeg gas-electric stove consists of a gas hob and thermo-ventilated oven.

Five-burner Stovetop

The five-burner hob is highly efficient with and is compatible with almost all types of cookware. The five cook zones include:


  • • 1 x Auxiliary burner (1.00 kW)
  • • 2 x Semi-rapid burners (1.80 kW ea.)
  • • 1 x Rapid burner (2.90 kW)
  • • 1 x Ultra-rapid (UR) burner (4.00 kW)


Each burner has a matte black enamelled burner cap and cast-iron pan stand. The hob also features an automatic electronic ignition and gas safety valves, providing optimal usability and safety.

Thermo-ventilated – Wide Cooking Function Selection

The electric oven has a net volume of 115 litres with five shelves, making this cooker ideal for a home chef or large household. As a thermo-ventilated oven, the SSA91MAA9 offers optimal heat distribution, ensuring even and quick cooking. The oven’s eight cooking functions include:


  • • Static: This mode activates the top and bottom elements while the fan remains inactive. Use this function to prepare baked goods, fatty meats, and roasts.
  • • Fan-assisted: The top and bottom elements and the fan run simultaneously to provide ventilated cooking. This homogeneous mode is ideal for baked pasta dishes, biscuits, and cobblers.
  • • Circulaire: Use this function to cook on different levels without mixing flavours. The fan distributes the back element’s heat evenly throughout the oven.
  • • Eco: Save energy costs when cooking on one shelf level. You can use the Eco function for most dishes.
  • • Small grill: This function uses half grill heat from the element’s centre for rapid cooking and browning.
  • • Large grill: The double heating element generates intense heat for exceptional grilling and gratinating results. This mode also gives dishes a uniform browning.
  • • Fan grill: This function uses the double heating element and the fan, resulting in a moderate temperature increase.
  • • Fan-assisted bottom: Switch to this mode if you have a dish that needs to cook internally. The bottom element and fan provide a moderate heat increase that cooks dishes throughout.


The main oven has a temperature range of 50°C to 260°C, contributing to the oven’s versatility.

Gas-electric Stove – Stylish Appearance

This anthracite-coloured cooker is part of Smeg’s Classica range and uses stainless steel with stylistic rigor. Other aesthetic features of this industrial design include unique control knobs, clean lines, and ergonomic handles. The result is a sleek appearance that adds personality to any kitchen design style.

Practicality and Efficiency

The oven’s cavity walls have an EverClean Enamel coating that is easy to clean. The all-glass inner door is a removable flat surface that is not susceptible to food particle accumulation. The Smeg Vapor cleaning function uses steam to loosen grease build-up inside the cavity.


In conventional mode, the oven consumes 1.21 kWh of energy per cycle and has an A energy efficiency rating. If you are looking for complete cooking versatility while saving on energy costs, consider this cooker.

General Specifications:

  • • Type: Freestanding Gas-Electric Cooker
  • • Colour: Anthracite (Classica Aesthetic)
  • • Appliance Dimensions: 900 mm (H) x 900 mm (W) x 600 mm (D)
  • • Glass Type: Stopsol® “Supersilver” Glass
  • • Energy Consumption: 1.21 KWh/Cycle (Conventional Mode) | 0.98 kWh (Fan-forced Convection)
  • • Electrical Connection Rating: 3,200 W
  • • Gas Connection Rating: 11,400 W
  • • Gas Type: G30 LPG
  • • Energy Efficiency Rating: A
Hob Specifications:
  • • Hob Type: Gas
  • • Cooktop Colour: Stainless Steel
  • • Gas Burner Type: Standard
  • • Burner Caps: Matte Black Enamelled
  • • Pan Stand Material: Heavy Duty Cast Iron
  • • Hob Cook Zones: 1 x Rapid (2.90 kW) | 2 x Semi-rapid (1.80 kW ea.) | 1 x Ultra-rapid (4.00 kW), 1 x Auxiliary (1.00 kW))
Oven Specifications:
  • • Oven Type: Thermo-ventilated
  • • Gross Volume: 129 Litres
  • • Net (Cavity) Volume: 115 Litres
  • • Cavity Material: EverClean Enamel
  • • Temperature Range: 50°C – 260°C
  • • Cooking Functions: 8 (Static | Fan assisted | Circulaire | Eco | Small Grill | Large Grill | Fan Grill | Fan-assisted Bottom)
  • • No. of Shelves: 5 (Metal Racks)
  • • Cleaning System: Vapor Clean
  • • No. of Door Glasses: 3 (Triple-glazed doors)
  • • Electrical Elements: 1 x Lower (1.70 kW) | 1 x Upper (1.20 kW) | 1 x Grill (1.70 kW) | 1 x Large Grill (2.90 kW) | 2 x Circular (1.55 kW)

Smeg Gas-Electric Stove – Features and Accessories:

  • Automatic Electronic Hob Ignition
  • Gas Safety Valves
  • Electro-mechanical Temperature Control
  • Removable Inner Door
  • Full-glass Inner Door
  • Safety Thermostat
  • Interior Side Lights
  • Tangential Cooling System
  • Cast Iron Wok Support
  • Moka Stand
  • 20-mm Deep Tray
  • 40-mm Deep Tray

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