GP Recyko BP421 USB Charger


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GP ReCyko Everyday Charger (USB) B421 4-slot NiMH with 4 x AA 2,100mAh NiMH Batteries. P/B421001

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Includes 4x AA 2100 mAh

A compact charger with smart safety and technical features that charges up to four AA or AAA batteries at once. The sturdy case also doubles up as a battery organizer, keeping your batteries well protected at home or on the go.It charges four AA 2,100mA.


It charges four AA 2,100mAh batteries in six hours via USB connection. You can view the charging progress through the LED indicator which displays charging status as well as if any single-use or bad batteries are inserted. Another safety detail is auto power cut-off by using negative delta V and safety timer protection, which helps you avoid over-charging, over- voltage and short circuiting, as well as preventing damage to the battery lifespan.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 16 cm (length) x 9 cm (width) x 3 cm (height)


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