Gardena Combisystem Telescopic Handle 210cm-390cm


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The GARDENA combisystem Telescopic Handle is optimally suited for convenient work up to 6 metres high. Thanks to the handy sliding ring and the twist-free lock connection, the Telescopic Handle can be effortlessly extended in 26-cm steps from 210 cm to 390 cm length. This allows pleasant work adjusted to the work situation and body height. The handle is made of aluminium and is especially light and stable – important if the handle has to be held up. For good and pleasant handling, the handle has plastic coating. The fastening screw for securing the combisystem tool is attached in such a manner that it cannot be lost. The warranty period is 25 years.

  • Safe connection: The large, captive fastening screw guarantees a pull and torsion resistant handle-tool connection
  • Pleasant and non-slip handling: The handle lies well in the hand thanks to its grooved plastic coating.
  • Comfortable work – individual adjustment: With the Telescopic Handle, the combisystem tools can be easily extended. For adjustment of the handle to the work situation and body height, the handles can be individually adjusted from 210 to 390 cm in 26 cm steps. This allows work up to 5 metres high.
  • For all combisystem tools: The Telescopic Handle is suitable for all combisystem tools. The handle is practical especially for the combisystem Branch Pruners, the Fruit Picker, the Angle Broom or the Gutter Cleanser when work in heights is required. 

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