Carrol Boyes Dinner Plate Set Of 4 Sketchbook Black


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A restaurant-worthy set of plates to elevate weekday dinners. From the Sketchbook Black range, we’ve crafted a set of four coupé dinner plates, each one with a unique white illustration.

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This is a set of four coupé dinner plates from the Sketchbook Black range which includes the following designs: Knowing, Awaken, Distant Voice and Intriguing. The range demonstrates the evolution of Carrol’s style, featuring elegant white line drawings on a satin black porcelain surface. Enjoy these plates from breakfast to dinnertime. Regardless of what you choose to serve, your guests will be blown away. A thoroughly modern design, crafted to complement casual dining. These plates are slightly deep with raised edges, making them ideal for saucy dishes and stews. Collect the entire range for sophisticated and elegant dining all year round. These plates are dishwasher and microwave safe.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 31 cm (length) x 31 cm (width) x 29 cm (height)


Carrol Boyes