Snappy Chef 15pc Supreme Combo

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The super speed & savings of our 1-plate Induction Stove, the formidable cooking prowess of our Supreme Range Casseroles & Frying Pan, as well as a 2.2l Induction Kettle. SCSC015

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Snappy Chef 1-plate Induction Stove

Snappy Chef 2.2l Whistling Kettle


Snappy Chef 12pc Supreme Cookware Set


Sauce Pan

16cm Ø x 8cm   |  1.5litre Capacity


Frying Pan

24cm Ø x 6.5cm   |  2.5litre Capacity



16cm Ø x 8.0cm   |  1.5litre Capacity

18cm Ø x 9.0cm   |  2litre Capacity

20cm Ø x 10cm   |  23litre Capacity

24cm Ø x 13.5cm   |  6litre Capacity

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